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Strength training and pregnancy

Let me start off by saying – if you haven’t worked out before going into your pregnancy, you have no business going into it now that you’re pregnant. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be active, but if we’re talking standard strength training, using weights, then this is not the time to start. If we’ve… Continue reading Strength training and pregnancy

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Pregnancy diaries: Second trimester

01.07. My July is starting out with nausea and headaches again. It’s funny how you know all the things you shouldn’t do – like, you should sleep a lot while pregnant, but then a party comes along and you’re like – I feel fine and it’s no biggy to stay awake until 2AM. Well, it… Continue reading Pregnancy diaries: Second trimester

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What does running have to do with your heart rate?

Remember how I said that running is not for everyone? I still think that, even though I run from time to time. I had put aside running since I ran my half-marathon in August because my goals were to build muscle mass and try out some strength programs, to see what happens. And I have… Continue reading What does running have to do with your heart rate?