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Pregnancy diaries: Second trimester


My July is starting out with nausea and headaches again. It’s funny how you know all the things you shouldn’t do – like, you should sleep a lot while pregnant, but then a party comes along and you’re like – I feel fine and it’s no biggy to stay awake until 2AM. Well, it will come back and bite you if you do.

But other than that – I think that the last few days are the first when I finally feel like I am going to have this wonderful little thing, called a baby. Who would’ve thought? When my husband, about 2 weeks ago told me that he loves this baby already – I couldn’t understand him. I was like – how can you? You don’t even know him/her yet? He said he just does. And now I get it. Every time I get a bubble in my belly – I am reminded of what a wonderful thing is happening. So, no matter how shitty I might feel right now – it’s worth it.


19 weeks as of today!

Bubbles in the belly seem to be becoming kicks. Not 100% sure, but it seems like it’s happening.

And my feet are killing me and I have gone up to a size 40 (usually I was 39 or 39,5).


Hormonal shift day from the day is crazy. One day I am angry. So, so angry! And I can’t even say what about or how to calm myself down, so I just go into bitter silence (thank goodness for my husband’s patience). Next day I’m just super sad. No reason – just sad. And all I want to do is Netflix and chill… Well, more like HBO and chill, but you know what I mean…


FIRST KICK that can be seen from the outside. Wow, if I thought the bubbles and kicks on the inside seemed weird – was I wrong. THIS IS WEIRD!

But with every week, this is getting better and better. The skin seems to have stopped stretching intensively, feet are not getting worse (they are not good, but you learn to appreciate the little things), and I am not gaining too much weight, which makes me happy. Since I can control my appetite – it’s easier to choose foods that would be good for the baby. I am no cook, but today I made my first bone broth (yes, in 30 years of my life – I hadn’t done that), which is great for collagen and gelatin for the babies bones, muscle and ligaments. I can get myself to eat A LOT of omega-3’s, which is not something I’m super excited about (well, let’s be honest – I’d love me some burger and fries…) But it’s all for a really good cause.


Week 20 has rolled around. Everyone keeps reminding me I’m half-way. You all know that I know, right?

Apparently, this is where growth happens now. Everything has developed, just needs to grow, but I just don’t see any place in me where that could happen. I am not huge – I am just the best size right now. I’m good here. Leave me alone. I still fit in my size clothes, just the maternity wear and my belly looks great in all the tight-fitting clothes. Every shirt I’ve always wanted to wear, but always thought I had too much of a belly for it – now it’s perfect.

But I keep forgetting things and my hearing is bad, but I don’t know if that is pregnancy or just the years at the gym.

AND – I have started gaining weight. For the last couple of months (3-4) I hadn’t gained any weight. Now it’s catching up… I am trying to convince myself that it’s just the baby and not me!!!

You know – things are changing and while you’re not pregnant, you think all the changes will be bad, but then you realize you’d turn every stone in the world, for the baby to get everything it needs. 


Baby is kicking like crazy. And my belly has exploded. Even husband asked me if everything is ok because it seemed like I’ve become much bigger in just overnight. 

We know it’s a boy and we’re thinking of a name. I can’t say I’m surprised – I really did have a very strong feeling that it’s going to be a boy, so we already have some thoughts on the name. But… man!!! It is way tougher to give a name to a baby than you might imagine. It’s one thing to think – oh, this sounds cute, a different thing is to really think about it and give the baby a name FOR LIFE. He’ll have to live with it forever and ever. This seems worse than labour.


Week 22!

I have a bunch of baby stuff at home now. Washing everything and just sorting. This is a necessity, to stop me from going and buying everything I see!

And also – I’m just hoping we’ll have a cute baby. Let’s all face it – that isn’t always the case… And if the baby is cute – who cares what they’re wearing…


Week 23 has rolled around. And it seems like the baby knows when it’s the change of the week because suddenly there are new changes in my body.

Back is aching and I am starting to have some difficulty putting my socks on or my shoes… I am so glad there’s not much swelling in my feet. Kind of waiting for that fun to start at some point though.

But today is our baby’s’ first flight! Oh boy, am I excited. It’s an hour flight, so shouldn’t be too bad. Have my belly all taped up and my compression socks on. I’m sexy as hell… But you’ll just have to take my word for it. But overall I am ready to do anything to avoid that travel nausea and terrible headaches. I’m glad I’m pregnant, don’t get me wrong, but I really don’t particularly enjoy all of this!

P.S. My husband is incredible! I could’ve never thought that he would’ve been so amazing with taking care of me and the baby. It makes me so much calmer about the post-partum time.


So, what’s new? Nothing much… Lower back hurts a bit. Feet are doing some mild swelling, but that’s alright because it’s not too bad. My skin is getting so itchy though… No one tells you that your skin is going to become so dry and itchy, like a turtle… Actually, I’m not sure if turtles skin is itchy… or dry. But I feel like a turtle. And I’m so slow. I want to move so slow… It’s very unlike me.


I have 2 fears in life right now…

  1. We’ll pick a name that our boy will not like at some point in his life… (btw – choosing a name for a baby – wow! Who would’ve thought it’s such a hard job…)
  2. I won’t be able to reach my legs to shave them at some point in this pregnancy…

Life is hard, I’m telling you. But when you get pregnant, your life gets harder AND you don’t really mind it, because – what can you do about that?!? Ridiculous.


Baby is kicking like crazy. Swarming around and just doing who-knows-what that is… last night he kicked me right out of sleep at 3AM. I’m telling you – that was not fun!!!


Back to snacking at nights and the tiredness out of nowhere. I have never loved the heat, but now it’s even worse. But the baby is growing like crazy and now it’s easier to get myself to do stuff for him. Like – get through the day. To actually get up off my ass and go for a walk. It’s physically harder, but I see the reason why I do it.

We have started to put in place some rules for ourselves regarding the baby and the way we want to raise him. Now we just need to get the family to stop being super obsessed with getting stuff for him that he doesn’t need. I’m telling you – he’s not even born, but he already has way too much stuff. WAY TOO MUCH. And since I hate collecting stuff – this is torture to me. I am already thinking of his things that I could get rid of and that maybe we don’t really need just to free up space…

What else I’ve been up to before entering the week 27 of pregnancy?

Listening to music and dancing to it. Not because I enjoy it, but because it loosens up the pelvis. So, right now – the things I eat, the things I do just somehow always comes back to the baby.

Oh, and from today – there are officially 3 months left until my due date!!! This is CRAZY!!!


September, hello! I have really been waiting for you. Yes, I love the autumn leaves and to wear a hat and the crisp air. And pumpkins everywhere!

As for my pregnancy – my week 27, last week in my second trimester, has come with another interesting change in my body – a rash that covers my belly and arms. Isn’t that fancy?! And the only way to deal with this itchy rash is delivery of the baby. So, if it is what I think it is (a thing called PUPP) – then next 3 months could be like this. It’s not dangerous to the baby and if I can handle the itchiness, I shouldn’t really use any medication. I don’t want to, so I’ll try to suck it up. Apparently, this happens to 1 in 150 women. Wow, this makes me feel a little special!

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