Hey, Amsterdam. You’re lovely!

At the early November of 2018, my friend and I decided to go to Amsterdam. Last time I’d been to Amsterdam was about 15 years ago, so I was excited.

We went for the canals and… well… brownies, but I can tell you that I most definitely would’ve stayed for the food and the atmosphere.

So, we only had 2 full days there, which is a good amount if you plan on running in the morning, getting breakfast someplace nice and then spending your day walking around. If you want to hit the museums, you’ll probably need more time, but the city is quite compact, so you can walk to almost anywhere and experience it on foot.

We booked a hotel right beside the Flower market and the location was perfect. Everything was in about 20-minute walking distance, so we took advantage of that and walked in all directions.

View from the hotel room, over the canal.

Since our main reason to come to Amsterdam was to visit The AVOCADO SHOW restaurant (yes, we are insane foodies), that’s where we headed on the first evening, after we had walked around Amsterdam and just taken it all in. BUT, if you go there – be there early! Friday night, around 5 PM… The line was SO long (and they don’t take reservations), that we decided we will come back for breakfast, if necessary, but we are too hungry and Amsterdam has many other great places to be.

And we ended up in the Vegan junk food bar. I am a huge meat eater (sorry, all the vegetarians. I do love animals just so you know), but this was great! It’s a little scary how vegans make whatever look and taste like meat. If I didn’t know I was at a vegan bar, I would’ve thought I was eating meat. The atmosphere was crazy cool, music was great (all the great R’n’B hits from the early 2000s) and the food was really delicious. I recommend this place for sure.

Burger on the right – that is not meat!

The next day started out with the run. We needed a destination and we found a perfect spot on IG – a wonderful tree alee at Lomanstraat in Amstelveenseweg. It was far enough to run back and forth and since we wanted to see it anyways – it was perfect. The morning was chilly but great for the run. We ran through Vondelpark and it was quite busy during the morning hours since we weren’t the only ones running on a Saturday morning. The houses around the park were so cute and I love how the Dutch just leave their drapes open, so you can see through the huge windows and just be in the awe of the beautiful interiors they have at their houses. If you’re into architecture and interiors – this is a good neighborhood to walk around.

Sunrise in Amsterdam and Lomanstraat

After our run, we decided to try the Avocado show once again. And this time – we succeeded! And it was worth the second visit. It was delicious. Everything on the menu was something I’d like to try and I was full for hours after that. Really, go there for breakfast and you’ll be good for hours.

The Avocado show kind of breakfast and Back to Black coffee shop

After our wonderful breakfast, we headed to Back to Black, because I’ve heard of it as a great coffee place and it really was. Such a smooth and delicious coffee. But, since it was the morning, there will be lines. But it seemed like every place in Amsterdam had lines, so…

And then we headed over to the only museum we decided to see in Amsterdam – Body Worlds Amsterdam. Since my friend and I are both into fitness and anatomy – this was a dessert for us. The stories about the insides of the body are interesting and the actual bodies are stunning. If you’re sensitive to seeing someone inside out, maybe this won’t be for you, but if you like to see every fiber of the human – you have to see this. We spent about 2 hours there and if the weather outside hadn’t been so great (sunny and almost clear skies), we would’ve stayed longer, but we wanted to enjoy the city at it’s fullest so we headed out and just enjoyed the city.

Yup, it’s real human muscle there.

The endless canals and the bicycles give the city a vibrant feel. It was a great day, that we decided to finish at the food court – Foodhallen. It’s many bars and restaurants in one place. If you come in a company where one person wants to eat Thai, the other wants Mexican and the third loves a big ol’ burger – this is the place to come to because you can order from different places and then just sit down at one table and eat together. Well… If you get a table. It was insane. Again – it was Saturday night, so we didn’t really expect it to be empty, but we waited for about 30 minutes to snatch a table that we shared with some wonderful French people. We are taco gals, so we ordered that and was so happy! It was delicious and again, once you settle yourself, it’s great to watch all the people swarming around.

Who can say no to tacos?!?!

On the last morning, I decided to go back to the Avocado Show for breakfast (you see, how amazing that place was? 1 time – no luck, but we came back and then 2 breakfast in one trip!). It was WORTH it! Oh, and by the way, just around the corner from The Avocado Show, there was this cute place…

After that, I headed in the direction of Bocca coffee roastery, since it was highly rated on the Tripadvisor and again – so worth the walk!

The weather was still perfect, but we decided to run through some shops, grab some last things to bring back home and it was time to leave for home.

This trip was quick, but it was filled with so many wonderful places to eat and to re-visit. Also, there are so many more I want to visit next time I’m there. Hopefully, it’s soon.

P.S. Those of you who want to go to Amsterdam for joints and brownies – don’t waste your time in the little tourist shops. You can buy stuff there to bring back home, sure, but everything else needs to be bought at coffee shops. Believe me…

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