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Hormones make us happy

Our hormones are our everything. Without them doing their job, we can rarely do ours, because we are dependent on them. They are responsible for all the chemical messaging that goes on in our bodies. Not only are they responsible for your mood or motivation, but also for your metabolism and reproductive system work. If some hormones are out of balance, the message can’t get delivered and that means – your body can’t function at its’ best.

How to know that your hormone levels are out of balance? The most common is weight gain (without changing the current movement patterns or diet), changed bowel movements (loose stools or constipation that you haven’t really had before), your skin might change even though you haven’t changed your skin care products or rituals or you can feel fatigued and lack motivation to do anything (including, losing a sex drive). If you notice that you might have become more anxious, have weird muscle or joint pains and aces – that can be a signal about changes in your hormonal balance too.

For women, the hormonal balances can be sensed sooner and more apparent, most of the time, since a woman’s body will go through hormonal rollercoaster within a month, each month. So, women should look for sudden changes in the menstrual cycle (heavy or irregular periods). Also, if women think that a terrible PMS is a norm – usually it’s dues to some sort of imbalance in a hormonal system that needs to be looked over with a doctor.

The causes for hormonal disbalance can be countless and it can start with something as simple as a bad diet… I would suggest checking hormonal balances at least once a year. Maybe even twice. Try to catch a phase in your life when you feel great – you are healthy, working out, eating good, sleeping enough and work/play balance is as close to perfect as possible – make a test then and note yourself that this is what your hormones look like when you are good. And if you feel like something’s wrong – you can do the test again and compare. Of course, the hormonal changes will always occur as we age and move through different stages in life, but you will have a reference point.

Don’t wait for everything to be bad, to start taking care of yourself. Maybe, you have no symptoms of the mentioned above – GREAT! Maybe you feel fantastic?! Even better! Go and check your estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid, just to see where your levels are.

If you are out of balance, your doctor will know how to help you, but you can also help yourself. Hormones love exercising and that you eat healthily, as well as that you stay a normal body weight (since excess fat usually produce more estrogen in the body, it can cause imbalances there). Hormones love cholesterol, so don’t avoid it. It’s not as bad as you’ve been told. Sleep well – your room should be cool and dark, but hormones also love sunlight. If you live in a cooler climate, which means, most of the day there’s darkness in winter – then try an infrared sauna or light. Also, hormones need vitamin D and evening primrose oil can be very beneficial, so take your supplements!

Talk to your doctor, if you are worried about your hormone levels and get them checked out. If you’re not worried – just take care of your body so it can perform at it’s best.

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