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Cholesterol is not the devil here

There’s a debate going on in the wealth and fitness industry about cholesterol. More and more research is coming out on cholesterol and how dietary cholesterol has nothing to do with cholesterol levels in your body.

For a very long time, cholesterol was the root of all evil, because it was thought to give people heart disease by raising low-density cholesterol (the bad kind). Alongside excluding cholesterol from “healthy diet”, at the time, it was also considered a good idea to avoid saturated fats (lard, bacon, butter etc.) By now, the scientists have proven that neither butter nor eggs will give you heart diseases, rather the amount of refined carbohydrate intake.

Why should we consume cholesterol?

Our cells and hormones need cholesterol. Every cell in our body needs cholesterol for cell membrane integrity and it helps cells communicate between each other. It also facilitates vitamin D synthesis, which is vital for bone health and mood. Our adrenal and sex glands need cholesterol as much as our cells, to function properly. You might experience a feeling of low libido because testosterone will suffer greatly from cholesterol deficiencies. If testosterone is low, you might also lack the results in the gym, after your strength training.

What should you eat?

As mentioned before, eggs are a great source of cholesterol. Also, liver, fish and fish oil, shellfish and shrimp will give you a needed cholesterol boost. Don’t be afraid of animal fats and butter – those are also a good source of cholesterol.

egg near blueberries
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Of course, everything should be consumed in moderation, so always watch your caloric intake for a day and always talk to your doctor if you have any medical condition or concerns about your health. And, as mentioned in research mentioned before, the bigger problem we are facing is the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugars rather the amount of fats or cholesterol. So be aware of what you put in your mouth.

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