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My stretching routine

Today I am dropping by just to remind you to stretch! It’s just one of the things that can help you keep your mobility at it’s best.

I always stretch at the end of my workout or at the end of the day (if you want to know what my stretching routine looks like, just click HERE).

There is more than one stretching technique, so be wise at choosing what suits you the best. If your muscles are warm (after a workout), you want to get into a stretch and hold it for 20 – 30 seconds. That’s enough time for the muscle to send a signal to your brain that it’s time to relax and for the brain to let the muscle actually release. It is believed that longer stretches don’t release your muscles more.

But, if you come home after a long day of sitting at your desk and you still realize that you need to stretch (because, if you sit at your desk the whole day, the front of your body gets super tight), what you can do, is get into longer stretches. Take your time with them. Hold for 30 seconds and then let yourself sink a little deeper into the stretch. It will, not only, release your muscle tension, but will also relieve your fascia and connective tissues. These kinds of stretches can be 3 – 5 minutes into one pose. If you search youtube for Yin Yoga, you will find lots of videos there that will give you the ideas of the poses, reasons to stretch and will take the time for you.

Remember, just because you don’t work out – doesn’t mean you don’t have to stretch. Maybe, you need to stretch even more and we all have to start somewhere. It might not be perfect or as the instructor is showing you. You might not feel it at first, but give yourself some time and you will feel the improvements.

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