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Have you heard from your trainer that you should work on your mobility? Do you even know what mobility is and why the heck should you train it when you already have your butt and your abs, and maybe your arms or chest to think about already?

Well, mobility, in my opinion, is one of the most important things to train just because of what it is. To put it simply – it’s your joints ability to move freely in full range of motion. The better mobility, better your range of motion in your joint. Simple! In theory…

In reality, we are so tight in some muscles and so weak in others that our mobility decreases a lot. Sometimes it can lead to such restricting movements that you can’t really pull your shirt over your head properly or you can’t squat down and stay there like your 2-year-old child can. You say – I’m getting old and that’s how it happens. Wrong answer. I just talked about it in this post. Just because we age, it doesn’t mean that our strength or mobility should decrease. Yes, you will get slower, but you should be able to do everything that you could at the age of 20 or 30.

So, as you can see, your mobility is dependant on the length of your muscle, but it’s not the only way. Yes, you should increase your flexibility, but you should also be strong enough to stay and hold a position which can sometimes ask for a bit of strength.

When should you train your mobility? 5 – 10 minutes every day is what I would recommend. As you come home from work, maybe do this first. Or maybe, first thing in the morning. If you workout regularly, I suggest mobility drills as your warm up, instead of walking on a treadmill and static stretching.

A good inspiration on what we can do can be found here. I think Luke can give a good idea of what our body can do and you can draw an inspiration for your own warm-up sequences.

What I usually do? I switch up my mobility depending on what I am planning on doing in my workout, but these are the basic exercises I do and anyone can incorporate into their workout.


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