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Breathing in labor

I have all sorts of personal clients, because it makes me stretch my knowledge on different training for different ages or health issues. But my most inspiring clientele is mothers to be and new moms. I love my training sessions with them, because I get to learn so many new things.

I used to be terrified of them. I didn’t know what to do with them. But with time and practice – I have learnt few tips and tricks. And since I promised a very special client of mine to make her a guide to breathing in labor, I decided to share it here too. Maybe some moms-to-be might find it useful too.

You can read about correct breathing (and that’s something that is not only useful to pregnant women), you can see the best labor poses and try couple of breathing techniques that can be used during labor.

You can download all the information HERE.


Photo resources in guide:
Disclaimer: this guide should be used only as guidelines. Always listen to your doctors, because they will know what you need in a particular moment during your labor. Keep yourself and your baby safe and healthy.

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