21K run

Yesterday I ran my first half-marathon Boy, was that something.

The most I’ve ran has been about 12K and I have always considered myself as anti-running. But about 1 and a half year ago I got my Polar A360. With Polar devices, you can also get training programs for running. I decided to try it out. Started with a 5K training, then went on to 10K and after that, last summer I decided that over winter I’ll train for 21K.

But not always things turn out the way you’ve planned. Last fall I pinched my nerve in my neck for the first time. Couldn’t move my head and it was painful. Took about 3 weeks to get things moving. In January I got sick – first time in years – it turned out to be pneumonia. Took about a month to get back to normal. With all of that, I had so much training to do and worked way too much. I always preach that you should come first to yourself, but I didn’t do it myself. And with all of that – I got my nerve pinched AGAIN. Worse than first time. Couldn’t move my head, couldn’t move my hands, couldn’t bend down or drive a car. Basically, it was bad. I was waiting for my vacation in Sicily so bad at that point. So in May, when my training program should’ve ended, I didn’t run my 21K. But it bugged me… I didn’t like that I didn’t finish. After my holidays in Italy, I decided that I will start the program again and I will finish no matter what.

So I started running again in May and yesterday, August 3rd, I finished it. I didn’t follow the training program 100%, because there were days when I hated the sprint training, but I tried to run as much as I could. But everything is really in the mindset.

Today I woke up super excited. I made myself some pancakes – had some sugar on them and even added honey to my coffee, to be able to run on the sugar provided and wouldn’t have to worry about depletion. Maybe I should’ve had some baby food with me that has some fast carbs, but the tiredness only hit by the 13th km, so I decided just to push through. And I did…

The first 12 km were great and I had no problem. 13th km – started to feel that the energy is dropping a bit. By the 15th km I knew it was dumb not to take any water with me (especially because it was about 28 degrees Celsius outside). The last 5 km seemed like they will never end and by that time I could feel the muscle fatigue. But then, when it was about 1 km left to the end – I picked up a pace a little more and it felt like I could run for even more.

It wasn’t fun. And I don’t think I’ll ever want to repeat that. I still think my comfort distances are somewhere between 7 – 8 km and that’s where I’ll stay.  But I liked the challenge and it makes me feel so much better that I have finished this.

Try to pick your fights and decide what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. Always stay true to yourself and try to do what is best for yourself in every situation.

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