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Turmeric golden juice

I wanted to share this a long time ago, because I have been using this for about 6 months and I just absolutely love it. The idea came from this blog and I’m just beyond happy that I found it.

I have been using turmeric as an anti inflammation treatment for some time, but usually I added it to my coffee along with a little bit of pepper and coconut oil (to help with the turmeric absorption). Also, I have tried turmeric capsules for the times when I feel the inflammation going up significantly and I have some sore muscle after harder workouts or some joint pains. Also, when I feel like I might be getting sick, this helps to stop the progression of illness.

But since I found this, I have been using this the most. Every couple of weeks I make the golden juice, use it for about 3 – 4 days and it makes me feel so much better.


What you’ll need is:
Turmeric – 3 tbs
Lemon vinegar (you can use apple as well) – about 3 tbs
Ground pepper – 1/4 tsp
Salt – a pinch
Honey – 2 – 4 tbs (depends on the taste)

Mix it all together and keep it in the fridge. Use about 2 tbs in a cup and mix it with water (I prefer hot, but probably you can use cold too).

Since I’m not a good cook, I really just wing it, but I like it that way and I hope you can find your own perfect recipe for this and enjoy it.


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