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Rest and Recover

Yesterday I had planned on doing some training, writing a blog post and I have just started my Health Coach certification course with ACE. What I did instead, was sleep until 11 AM, went for a walk with my dog, had one personal training client and then I studied for an hour. And that was my day. And I always freak out about days like that, when it seems like I’ve done nothing for the whole day. But it’s called balance.

For many, fitness seems to be two things – workouts and diet. Your workout regimen is “no days off”, “go hard or go home” type of training. Then you go home and eat your chicken with salad and some rice, and repeat it the next day. And sometimes people wonder – why is there no change in their physique?

You have to remember that fitness is many different things.

  • It’s being active and working out, which can mean that you go out for a longer walk with your dog, spouse or friends. It can mean a workout, but you don’t have to crawl out of the gym every time you do a workout. And you definitely don’t have to workout every day HARD. You can workout every day, but if you’ve had a harder workout one day, just do some mobility work the next.
  • It’s eating healthy… And chicken with salad and rice is not always the best option. Try to listen to your body, it usually knows what it needs. And if you feel like chocolate is what you need, then maybe google it and you will find that you might be lacking magnesium and you actually need some nuts and fruit, and maybe some legumes, if you’re up for those.
  • But, if you ask me, then above all the previous, your fitness should contain REST & RECOVERY. Your muscle building doesn’t happen in the gym. You send a signal to your muscles to change, but the real change happens when you recover and give yourself a break. Eat well, sleep well and find the joy in whatever you do. If you never take your mind off training and every time hit yourself hard with every workout, in the end you’ll burn out and overtrain.

Overtraining and not recovering properly can lead to many different problems: lack of appetite or motivation to workout, small injuries here and there and constant aches and pains or soar muscle. With all of this, you  will probably see your results in the gym stall.

What you can do is – recover! Sleep a lot, eat real food, drink your water and always listen to your body (not your mind) – it’ll let you know when it wants to move and when it needs rest.

So yesterday was my “recover hard” day. And I loved it. I needed it. After 5 years of working as hard as I have, one day or couple of months in this mode, won’t mean I have failed.

I just have to remind myself that and hope for the best.










There’s an active debate in a fitness world if there’s a thing called Adrenal fatigue, since technically, adrenal glands can’t get fatigued. But for the sake of today – let’s say there’s such a thing and I think I have crashed harder than I have ever before.

What is adrenal fatigue? It’s a state in which your adrenal glands, which are responsible for the stress levels in your body, get too ‘tired’ and they are not functioning the way they should. It results in weird aches and pains in the body, problems with digestive system, nervousness and tiredness that might result in restless sleep, which doesn’t give you any restart.

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