What can you learn in 2 days

Summer is a festival season, no doubt. I used to wait for the huge music festivals, but as I am getting older, the festival of the summer for me is conversation festival “Lampa” that takes place in Cēsis, Latvia.

What is a conversation festival? It’s a place where bunch of people get together and talk. You can attend conversations, discussions or workshops. Some are lecture like, some are very integrating. The topics cover every subject of life. It’s been the 4th conversation festival and it’s growing with every year. My husband and I decided to attend last years festival and we were so inspired and so taken by it, that we planned this year the moment the last festival ended.

After the last years’ experience pushed me towards learning so much more about health and biohacking. It showed me that there might be so many different opinions on the same topic and that you should always keep an open mind and think about the same problem from all the possible angles to find the solutions. It was inspiring to see so many intelligent and interesting people among us.

This year didn’t disappoint either.

  1. There were more than one conversation talking about Uber and Airbnb success and how it’s come about. I love the idea of not owning so much and sharing things that we don’t really need. What spoke to me the most was the discussion if this means that we trust each other more, since we share our homes, cars and lives. Scientists say that we trust less. What we DO trust is the process. We trust that the rating on Uber will be correct and if it’s a 5 star host, we should be fine, even if we don’t know the person at the other end.
  2. I enjoyed the conversation about libido as well. Usually we talk about libido in a more sexual sense. What spoke to me the most was to look at it as a drive for life, not only sexual pleasure. How to find your drive? Use your 5 senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch to find it. Especially when you feel that you have lost your love for life – look at things you do and think – if you get most out of it and which sense you should add to get the best out of your experience.
  3. My favorite conversation, of course, was biohacking! We should live more simple in this tech savvy. biohacking is pro technology and looks to use it in every way, but they will always remind you that what you need to feel and to perform your best – you already have in you. So BE COLD (use the cold as a therapy), BE HUNGRY (intermitten fasting is great) and LIFT HEAVY THINGS (you need the muscle for your metabolism. Trust me). Be comfortable with BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. Comfort never made you go far…
  4. My highlight was finding out about Google Duplex. I am one of those annoying people who will rarely pick up her phone. I see no point in talking over the phone, if it’s not an emergency. For example – why should I call to make an appointment somewhere, if I could just message? Some people don’t get it… For us to get along better – here’s Google Duplex. I love tech!
  5. And THIS video was one of the most impactful things I saw during the 2 days in festival. 90% of our lives are spent indoors. To change the impact of that on our health – it doesn’t take much. Go out more when you can. Open the windows and let fresh air in. If possible – move away from crowded places. Take walks in forest or park. Give yourself the best.
  6. And finally, the conversation, which probably has opened a flood gate of curiosity – microbiome. We know so little about our gut, but more and more research is coming out, people in wellness and fitness industry is talking about it and scientists are starting to draw conclusions that gut microbes might be the ones which are making us make food decisions the way we do (and maybe even other decisions). This truly is an interesting theme that I am so ready to dive deeper in

We have already marked our calendars for the next year and I am excited to see what the organizers will have in store for us.

Always try to expand your mind. See different perspectives. And then find what works for you! Make your life the best life.

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