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What is meadowssweet?

June is the month of the nature, long days and midsummer. Depending on where you are in this world, you might celebrate midsummer or summer solstice. Well, we do in Latvia.

I am not going to go into the celebration as such, but what I like about this time over here – it is encouraged to gather herbs. Later in the year you can use them to make tea or use them to add to your food, integrate them in your beauty routines or any other way that they could help to maintain or promote health.

From the old tales of our grandparents we know that peppermint helps to improve the digestion and is a powerful antiseptic; heather is used to treat kidney and bladder dysfunctions; pot Marigold helps to lower the blood pressure and helps to avoid menstrual pain. And there are so many more…

What I had always knows is that you can use meadowsweet for tea as well, but it never resonated up until now, because I heard somewhere that they can be used as a type of a psychedelic. As it was described – it’s our own pot that is legal. I know that after being in a field of meadowsweets, I can get a little woozy, but I never thought too much of it. After this newfound information, I thought I’ll just take a quick look at PubMed for some information and I did find stuff about it.

Apparently, meadowseet has some nootropic effect on brain and might help to improve physical performance and work a lot like piracetam, which has been one of the most studied nootropics of all time. Maybe it won’t get you as high as pot, but it might give you that calm, in a stressful situation as well as the right answers to hard questions. Also, it seems to be confirmed that meadowseet has a inflammation reducing properties, which is always a plus, taking that we’re inflamed almost all the time from everything we do (physical activity can cause some inflammation) to everything we eat (oh, that sugar!). And if you don’t think that a tea can actually be a good way of getting everything you want from the actual herb – think again, because a study in 2016 showed that you can get everything you need from a meadowseet in a cup of tea.

So, on the 21st of June, I gathered p a handful of meadowseet flowers and now they have dried nicely, so I think I might be getting some meadowsweet tea to get my brains going. You should try it. You just might like it…

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