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Why you need water?

I’m all about balanced lifestyle, but one of the most important balance of all, for me, seems to be the balance in getting enough water in my system, especially now, when it’s summer. In normal circumstances, water is about 73% of your muscle. It’s different for men and women.


I found this chart here and I like that it shows how much water correlates with body fat percentage. Less body fat and more muscle you have – the more water you should have.

I measure my body water percentage with Tanita scales and it usually gives guidelines that women should range somewhere between 45 – 60% or BW and men from 50 – 65% BW.

So why do we even need it?

Our bodies need water for different reasons, but mostly for generating saliva, which makes our food moist and lets us break it down better. This food travels down our digestive tract and water there helps to digest it further and better. Also our blood is about 93% water (that’s why, if you have ever been a blood donor, you know that they make you drink some water before donating the blood, to make it thinner), which means that water helps to also get the nutrients from/to your cells.

Water also helps to eliminate all the unnecessary products from your body through urine. And, since water is the only thing that helps you to eliminate things, then it also lets you eliminate the heat in your body, though sweating.

So you see that water is important, right?

If you haven’t been drinking water enough, some symptoms that might occur are headaches, mood swings, lack of concentration and also decreased stamina in sports performance. Just increase the mount of water you consume and you should be just fine.

If you feel like you are drinking enough water (you don’t get thirsty and your mouth is not dry), but your water balance on a smart scale or just by observing symptoms, seems to be lacking, what I suggest to my clients is to use a little Himalayan salt added to their water (1 tsp. to 1 l of water) and also – try to eat more veggies and fiber in general, to increase the absorption of water.

Always look for ways to make yourself feel better and water is such an easy tool to do that. Use it!

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