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Sugar rush

Today I had an amazing visit at the farmers’ market. I don’t do it every week. I try to go once a month and get what I need, in that visit.

Why I don’t go more often usually is because I don’t believe that what we buy in farmers’ market is necessarily better than what we get in the supermarket, but when it’s summer (because in Latvia, we have very distinct seasons), I like to get to the market a little more often, because of all the wonderful veggies you can get there.

I usually try to keep myself and my husband somewhat paleo’ish when it comes to eating. We avoid grains and reduced fat milk products. However, not too often, we’ll use a full fat milk for the coffee or I will get some butter.

When I say that we don’t eat grains – usually people just gasp and ask us what do we eat? Since my husband LOVES rice, he eats basmati rice. I don’t. I don’t eat rice, I don’t eat pasta, I don’t eat buckwheat or anything else of that sort. When I say that I don’t eat it – what I mean is – I don’t consume it regularly. I won’t be a pain in the ass, if I am visiting my friends or if I really get a craving for something of that sort – I’ll have some, but on a daily basis I eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit. I try not to overconsume fruits and berries, but since it’s summer I let myself to have a little more.

Even though I can’t say I have tried the seasonal eating – I am looking into that and thinking about it. Since you can get everything you want in the supermarket, it’s hard not to want vegetables and fruits during the winter. Last winter we tried keto’ish diet a little bit, but I couldn’t go more than 3 weeks without a glass of wine.

But what I tell my clients and what is the most important thing for me is – don’t call your diet anything. Just avoid overly processed foods which have an ingredient list that contains 50 different weird-sounding ingredients and avoid sugars at all costs. Only sugar you should get is from fruit, where it gets into your bloodstream slow and steady, without making your blood sugar levels spike.

If, after eating a meal, you feel energetic for 20 minutes to an hour and then suddenly the energy levels drop and you feel like you can’t think clearly, feel lethargic and start to think about taking a nap – assess your diet. Look if it’s not too much sugar and carbohydrates that do this to you.

But above all – keep yourself balanced. Eat healthy, but go out with your friends and have a blast once in a while. Workout regularly, but check yourself if you start to forget what your significant other looks like, because you never meet, since you’re in gym all the time. Spend some time in the city, but don’t forget to go into the wild – barefoot, no phone and everything.

More balanced you’ll be, better life you’ll lead.



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