La Bella Sicilia I

My husband and I love Italy. I presume that everyone loves Italy, so that’s nothing new. So, when it came time to decide where we want to go, we decided on Sicily. You know – mafia and olive oil. And how can you not like the mixture of those two?!

So, I wanted to break down our trip in short, for anyone who needs an idea of where to go in Sicily, but are not up for a whole book of explanations.

Preparation wasn’t too hard, because, let’s be honest – it’s not a huge island. But since we’re interested in the nature – it was perfect, because, just like in any place in Italy – go wherever you want and it’s all pretty.


We flew to Palermo, where we rented a car. We used Green Motion car rental. I would say – don’t believe what google tells you… It’s a great company to rent the car from. Yes, it’s a little inconvenient, because it’s not right in the airport, but they provide shuttle service and they were quick in both renting the car and taking it back.

First night we spent in Cefalu. And if you have a car, then there’s only one place to stay – B&B Paradise. Maybe, not for the place itself, because the B&B is quite basic, but the view and the host was AMAZING!

In the morning we woke up to this!


Our host was super welcoming and let us know everything we need to know about parking in Sicily and how are things in Sicily.

NB! If you have a car, what it came down to is – park only on the BLUE LINES. Every other color car parking spots (yellow and white) are not for you, because it’s only for Sicilians and disabled people. And if you don’t see a parking meter on the street, just ook for the closest TABACHI (it’s like a newspaper shop), because maybe you can buy the parking tickets there.

So, since we were set on seeing Etna, but didn’t want to go over all the way to Taormina, because we wanted to avoid the crowds, I did a research and found that on a clear day, you can actually see Etna from the city in that is in the middle of Sicily – Enna. It was perfect, since we needed to get to Valley of the Temples in Agrigento anyways. So we decided that that is going to be our next stop, so we went to bed early to be ready for the next day and the adventures.

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