La Bella Sicilia X

Day 10

Basically this day didn’t count… We had to get the car back to Green Motion car rental by noon, since our flight was super early in the morning, we decided to get the car to Cinisi and then just stay there. And that’s basically what we did.

Walked around Cinisi, headed to our favorite grocery store in Sicily – “Conad” and then to our villa. We had a terrace with a little kitchenette there, so it was great for us to make our last dinner in Sicily. We just enjoyed the view, talked about our favorite things we saw and enjoyed in Sicily.


I don’t know if I’ll see Sicily again, but I hope I will. Italy’s always in my heart and it’s my number one destination.

If you travel to be in the crowds, feel the urban vibe – then Sicily is not for you. But if you’re a nature and hiking lover like I am, then Sicily is a great destination with endless options on what to see there.

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