La Bella Sicilia VIII


This was it… We couldn’t decide on anywhere else where to go. So we headed for beach. Well, beaches. Multiple. We started with a beach near Tyrrhenian Beach Village. That was a sandy beach, no rocks in the water, so a good place if you want to swim.


But it didn’t seem quite what we were looking for. So I dug on Tripadvisor for a little bit and came across suggestions to visit Spiaggia Guidaloca. It’s rocky and not so easy to walk on it. But the biggest problem with it is parking. There’s not much parking space and usually it’s full. But we got lucky with one free spot, so we packed our bags with our white Inzoli grape wine, delicious Italian bread, tuna (canned tuna fresh from the market that we found n our way from Castellamare to Scopello), olives (from the same market), olive oil (it tasted so green and fresh) and headed down to the beach. We decided to go to the very end of it, because there were no people there. Climbed some rocks and ended up closed from the main beach. I would call that a successful day!

Cheers to that! Saluti!

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