La Bella Sicilia VII

Why was Castellamare del Golfo the best choice for exploring Western Sicily? Because every destination we chose – it was an hour drive or less. So convenient! Besides – it was just 40 minutes to Palermo airport as well.


The previous evening we were discussing possible places to go to on our 7th day in Sicily and my husband suggested to go to Custonaci. Before seeing the town, we wanted to see Grotta Mangiapane, which is a little settlement that was made about a century ago in the massive cave not far from Custonaci. Twice a year (just around Christmas) they have a wonderful event there where they live out those times and anyone can participate and see how people lived there. But since we saw it during May, we could just see the farm animals and different tools these people used to survive. This place is really worth the visit.

And we couldn’t return in Castellamare while not visiting Tonnara di Scopello. You know… The one where they filmed some scenes from “Ocean Twelve”. If you think that we’ve gotten over our bad luck with places being closed, then you’re wrong… Because it was. Gates closed. No notices. No parking. Nothing. Just closed. Everyone was walking around very confused. So, check if it’s open before you go, so you can avoid the disappointment. Though, we weren’t too keen on going in there anyways, so we can’t really complain. We got what we came for…


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