La Bella Sicilia VI

Now, after our trip, I can really say that Castellamare del Golfo was a very good “base camp” for us to get to see Western Sicily. Not too big, not too small. Beautiful location and easy access to everywhere.


So, we started our stay in Castellamare with a run there. I always think that it’s the best way to get to know a city you’re staying in. Get up early, put on your running clothes and head out. In a short period, you can get the sense of the city and just locate yourself in it.

After an AWESOME breakfast (for me it’s the most important meal of the day), we headed out for Trapani – the wine, the salt planes and everything in between. Started with salt planes – they make their own salt from the sea water and then headed into the city for some wine tasting. You can get that almost everywhere. Every decent cafe offers some sort of wine tasting, since Trapani is best known for it’s wines. Byt this day we were so sick of making pictures, that I had actually forgotten to take my camera with me…

But the next place we saw was Erice. And if you’re in Western Sicily – definitely go see it. Again – it was up in the mountains and it was so small. It always makes me wonder – what are all those people, who live there – actually doing there? I know that they all work in tourism, but what do you do in such a secluded and small place when it’s off season?


I wished I could’ve stayed a little more to explore the palace, but we had to head back down and get to Alcamo, where we wanted to visit a “Quattrocieli” winery.


It’s an organic winery and the owners themselves gave us a private tour (15 EUR per person) of the winery. I was so happy that we skipped the big wineries in Marsala and chose this one! We could taste 3 of their wines and choose from the wines, which we liked better and we could fill it, cap it and mark it. And take it home (duh!)

We chose their traditional white wine from Catarrato grapes. Believe me – just the color of the wine was worth the visit. So if you get to Sicily – I recommend this place.

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