La Bella Sicilia V

After an amazing day just traveling the coastline around San Leone, we had to pack up again and make the home stretch to get to Castellamare del Golfo, where we’d be located until the end of our trip.


We started our trip early, just like every morning, becaue on our way to Castellamar we wanted to stop at Sciacca – a wonderful town to walk around in. By the way – Sicily, just like most southern countries, is filled with trash everywhere. Don’t be too surprised. Believe me, by day 10 – you won’t even notice it anymore.

What we were really looking forward to on this day was seeing the Ghost town – Poggioreale. In the 60’s there was a devastating earthquake that destroyed 2 towns. One of them was Poggioreale, but the ruins remain and you can go see them. At least, that’s what Tripadvisor told me. Well, it doesn’t know everything… Because the ruins were closed and we couldn’t access the town (do you notice the pattern as well?). We were so disappointed that it’s hard to put it in words… So I think the photo will do it much better…

You could get around the first gate, but everything else was closed. I don’t know the reason and maybe there are only guided tours during the tourist season happening… So what I can suggest to you – maybe try to contact the place you’re visiting, so you can make sure you’ll get what you came for. We didn’t do that and ended up alone in gated Ruins of Poggioreale.

So, bummed out and sad, we continued our way across Sicily, to get to Segesta temple. If we couldn’t see anything else we came for – then at least, we had to see that! And we did!

When you go to see Segesta temple, don’t go where the GPS maps are leading you, because you will be turned around. If you google Segesta temple, the location is the actual temple, but car park is further. Look at the signs on the road and don’t be afraid to follow those. From the car park, you will be taken with a shuttle bus (get the ticket) to the ticket office for Segesta. So you have to get 2 tickets and then you walk up to temple (I love how much you have to walk yourself to get to places!).


You can also keep climbing and get to Segesta theater, which was amazing too. You just don’t get bad views in Sicily!

And from there – we went straight to our hotel in Castellamare. It had been a long day, so we decided to walk around Castellamare in the morning and head out a little later.

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