La Bella Sicilia IX

Day 9

On this morning, I woke up sad. Because I knew it’s our last full day in Castellamare, before we start heading back home.

But it didn’t last too long, since I knew we’re about to go on a long hike in Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve. You have to pay 5 EUR to enter. You have multiple tracks you can choose from, but we decided on beaches, because my husband wanted to snorkel. The path along the coast is about 8km long, so it’s around 16km both ways, if you don’t choose to go back though other trails.

I had read about this and we came prepared – we had sandwiches, we had plenty of water. Do come prepared, because there isn’t a place to eat or get water. And if you get there on a warm summer day – you will need it. Also, since there’s not much of a shade – dress appropriately – so you don’t get sunburn and protect your head. And you should be fine. We ended up spending there about 5 hours, but that was with multiple stops at the beaches. They have the average time, that it takes to walk a path ,on every sign. We walked a little faster, but it’s quite correct.


Our favorite beach was Cala Berretta. It was the first and last that we visited. It’s very rocky and I got couple of bruises there from the rocks, but there are fishes and the terrain is interesting for snorkeling. And it wasn’t as crowded as other beaches. Probably because it’s tiny and it’s not easy to get into the water. The water is incredibly salty, so try not to get it in your eyes…

And beside the wonderful views, definitely, stop by the huge rosmarin bushes. They smell incredible!

This place is truly worth a visit. After all is said and done, I wish that maybe we had one more day to try out other trails, but I believe that we’ll have time to do that some other time.

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