La Bella Sicilia IV


Our hosts in San Leone offered us to use their bikes and we did. And it was the best day of the holidays. I am telling you. The days when you have no particular plan, are the best days (and I am a chronic planner, so it doesn’t happen too much for me).

We had no helmets or any other protection, but to get to Scala dei turchi, you have to drive on a highway for a bit… So we decided – why not? It all always looks different on google.maps… But Sicilians are very good drivers. Maybe because it’s so chaotic, they pay an extra attention to what happens around and rarely do they get into accidents. Besides – everywhere in Europe, they really look out for cyclist, so we figured we’ll be fine. And we were, I think – me writing this blog post, shows you. Since I’m not dead…

What did we see on our way? A lot of coastal towns. Maybe nothing in particular that you have to see, but then again – you should see the old Sicilian men gathering up at the café’s. The way they decide to shout at each other across the street, rather than go over to have a quiet conversation… That fascinates me. They are so friendly, they are open and they seem to not worry about little things. I could learn a lot from them. Also, it was so refreshing that barely anyone speaks English, but you can get whatever you need.

So, after a grueling uphill ride, we found Scala dei turchi. And I suppose it’s just our luck – it was closed… (So it was two in a row. No Etna and no Scala dei Turchi). But we did see it from afar.


We decided that if we had come by car, we would’ve been bummed out, but since it was such an exciting journey, that this was great anyways. So we headed back home. Where we could, we stopped on beaches. The water was freezing, but you know – we, people from the north, don’t feel the cold like other people do, so we weren’t that bothered. What bothered us more was that you had to go SO FAR into the water to get the water over your knees that we eventually gave up.

If you are an experienced cyclist or you are training (I have 2 spinning classes per week) – then you should be fine with cycling in Sicily. If you are not experienced – be aware that the terrain is not that easy to cycle on. But, again, it’s worth it.

And in the evening, since we were beat from all the cycling, we decided to just make some dinner at home, have some wine and enjoy a little of our daily dose of Joe Rogan podcast.

It was the perfect ending of a perfect day!

If you think you need much for happiness – I would like to argue that a little bit of exercise will get your endorphins going which will give you that happy feeling and then a little bit of food and some wine will top it off, making you feel incredible.

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