La Bella Sicilia III

You wonder, why I never mentioned a place we stayed in Enna? Believe me, it was not worth the mention… So… I’ll move on to our next day in wonderful Sicily.


To finish our race across Sicily, the next day we packed up early and went down to Agrigento, to see Valley of the temples. Oh boy, was that pretty! It was hot, we had finally moved away from the mountains where there were clouds and humidity and we had come to the most blazing heat EVER! Ok, maybe it wasn’t that hot, but it was quite the contrast. So be prepared if you plan on getting into mountains – you will need something a little warmer to wear.

If you google Valley of the Temples, you will get a better idea of what it is and what it can offer you. All I can tell you is – it was beautiful. The walk is long, but you can get you’re a$$ up there (or down) by carts. I am a fit girl, but after that walk in the heat, even I was contemplating on getting myself in that cart and just rolling down the hill, instead of walking. But I had to get the steps in (remember – you need about 10 000 steps a day to keep yourself somewhat healthy).


This place is really worth a visit. You can buy 3 kinds of tickets: just to see temples, to see the temples and see the gardens underneath or to see the temples and the museum. We were hoping for some air conditioning, so we decided to go to the museum as well as see the temples. Boy, were we wrong… There was no air conditioning at the museum (or wasn’t in May, because it’s not that hot, I suppose). It’s not a large museum and if you like rocks and things that are dug up from the ground (like my husband) – you’ll like it. But if you’re like me (someone who just likes to be outside and move a lot), then you will do just fine with just the walk to see the temples.

After almost 4 hours that we spent in the Valley and museum, we went to see where we’re staying and we had chosen a coastal city – San Leone. Again, the host was amazing and they had a dog (I LOVE DOGS)! The place was extra cozy and there was so much room. You can check it out here.

It’s a good location and “Conad” grocery store is not too far from it. We were also offered to use the bikes they had to go around. So we decided that the next day we’ll go for a bike ride and will see the Scala dei turchi (Turkish stairs).

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