La Bella Sicilia II

After a pleasant night (because I always sleep so well after flying) and an amazing breakfast (the host asked us exactly what we wanted and when we wanted it) at B&B Paradise, we decided it was time to leave for the adventures.


Since we were already there, we decided to start our morning with Cefalù. It was raining, so we didn’t do much there and just decided to pack up and go.

The easiest way is around The Madonie Mountains, but we wanted to go through them (I LOVE mountains). And while we’re at it, we decided to stop at the small mountain villages on our way. So we saw Isnello and Petralia Sottana, before we reached Enna.

Isnello was beautiful, quiet little town, but again – nothing in particular, just the vibe and we did climb up to their castle/mansion. Everything is closed there, but the view was worth the climb.


We drove for almost the whole day through mountains, so we reached Enna in the afternoon. It was so cloudy, but we decided to get to the castle and see if we can see Etna. We couldn’t… But again, just like everywhere before – the view was amazing even without Etna.


By the way – travelers with cars – Enna is very hard to drive in. Sicilian towns are not easy to drive in, PERIOD. But Enna seemed to be the worst, at least for us, so… When you reach the city, maybe it’s worth leaving the car a little outside of the city center and then get everywhere by walking.

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